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I am using Foxmarks Ver 0.72 on nine assorted Win2K and WinXP machines, and the program won't retain the password except for one machine. Can this be fixed?



Password Retention?

This is not a known problem. Have you set a Firefox Master Password? --Todd 04:09, 10 June 2006 (EDT)

Probs. with Live365

Dear Anyone

I find Firefox, very new though I am to it, an excellent piece of software. The only prob. I've found is, when I got to any streaming radio station (usually Live365) the player never finds the music, though it finds the music fine in Explorer. In Firefox, the player just searches and searches and never finds anything.

Anybody any idea what I've done wrong??

Yours musically

Christopher Burke

Double bookmarks

After I syn'ed my bookmarks, I've got 2 copies of every bookmark on my pc. I syn'ed with the notebook and only 1 copy appears. How do I get rid of the double bookmarks?

Password Retention

I am having the same usability problem that Tim is above.

Is there a way to make this work without having to log-on to the browser each time it is started? I already have to sign on to my userid, I don't want to have to sign on to the browser for each use (many times a day). For now my solution is to disable foxmarks. I like the idea but the requirement to enter a password every time I start the browser is too much.


Fail registering google email in user name

I have email with dot inside my GMail account After I changed user name on my Gmail - Foxmarks cant allow dot in user name, but Google allow it.

Bug #9297

Foxmarks doesn't do a auto-sync if Firefox is opened, a bookmark is changed and then Firefox is shutdown within 60secs.

Since I've got an email that this has been resolved. I'd like to know as to when an updated Foxmark is getting released?

Thanks. --Quatermass 08:00, 21 July 2007 (EDT)

Is there way to undo synchronization and get back what I had on my local file before it? In other words, does foxmarks make an backup file?