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Did you get my message ? --jojaba 12:54, 6 June 2006 (EDT)

No. Which message? --Todd 13:13, 6 June 2006 (EDT)

This one :

Hello Todd,

Here's the list of the translated files for the moment (with the matching original one on the right) :

  • Foxmarks: Foire Aux Questions » Foxmarks: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Foxmarks: Heuristiques de synchronisation » Foxmarks: Synchronization Heuristics
  • Foxmarks: Notes de Version » Foxmarks: Release Notes
  • Foxmarks: Fonctionnement interne de Foxmarks » Foxmarks: That Man Behind The Curtain
  • Foxmarks: Tester Foxmarks » Foxmarks: Testing
  • Foxmarks: Demarrage » Foxmarks: Getting Started
  • Foxmarks: Algorithme de premier niveau » Foxmarks: Top Level Algorithm
  • Foxmarks: Algorithme de combinaison » Foxmarks: Merge Algorithm
  • Foxmarks: Augmenter le delai d'execution JavaScript » Foxmarks: Increasing the Javascript Timeout
  • Foxmarks: AccueilFr » Foxmarks
  • Foxmarks: Recreer votre Compte » Foxmarks: Recreating your Account
  • Foxmarks: Reinitialiser le Mot de Passe » Foxmarks: Reset Password
  • Foxmarks: Traducteurs » Foxmarks: Localizers
  • Foxmarks: Extraire des informations de la console JavaScript » Foxmarks: Extracting Information from the Javascript Console
  • Foxmarks: Comment Mettre a Jour » Foxmarks: How to Upgrade
  • Foxmarks: Nous envoyer votre fichier journal » Foxmarks: Sending us your Log File
  • Foxmarks: Preparation de beta test » Foxmarks: Beta Test Preparations
  • Foxmarks: Desinstallation » Foxmarks: Uninstalling the Extension
  • Foxmarks: Assistance Utilisateur » Foxmarks: User Support
  • Foxmarks: Aide » Foxmarks: Help
  • Foxmarks: Oubli du nom utilisateur » Foxmarks: Forgot Username
  • Assistant de parametrage » Setup Wizard
  • Foxmarks: Developpement prevu » Foxmarks: Planned Development

Here's the list of the non-translated files (I don't know if I should translate them, for some of them I will say, it wouldn't be the best thing to do...) :

  • Foxmarks: Give us Feedback
  • Foxmarks: Suggestions for Improvements
  • Foxmarks: Release Notes - Archived Versions
  • Foxmarks: Fixed Bugs
  • Foxmarks: Known Bugs
  • Foxmarks: Reporting a Bug

And here are the error messages (you should give me the way to handle this one before I translate please. I remember you that I have a problem with accentuated characters witch don't display very well in an URL address. The URL should be like this .../Foxmarks: Error: "translated string" or this /Foxmarks: Erreur: "translated string" ? I will modify the error messages on BabelZilla-WTS first and will try to use no accentuated characters for the translation to avoid the problem if you don't mind)

  • Foxmarks: Error: Precondition Failed
  • Foxmarks: Error: Downloading sync file...
  • Foxmarks: Error: Writing to sync file...
  • Foxmarks: Error: Unauthorized
  • Foxmarks: Error: Failed to parse sync file
  • Foxmarks: Error: Unknown error 16389
  • Foxmarks: Error: Foxmarks is busy
  • Foxmarks: Error: Unknown error 501
  • Foxmarks: Error: Connection Refused
  • Foxmarks: Error: Unknown error 502
  • Foxmarks: Error: DNS Unknown host
  • Foxmarks: Error: Copying local file to remote...
  • Foxmarks: Error: Forbidden
  • Foxmarks: Error: Unknown error 0x195
  • Foxmarks: Error: Unknown error 503
  • Foxmarks: Error: Found (resource moved)
  • Foxmarks: Error: Internal Server Error
  • Foxmarks: Error: Unknown error 507

Regards, Joël

I guess my message was detected as a spam... Do you wisch me to re-sent it to you ?

Just Send a new message

I translated a new page and sent the updated list of translated files. --jojaba 16:27, 7 June 2006 (EDT)

Your modifications

Hi todd ! I saw you changed your domain name (I get some notifications about your modifications in my translated pages). If you need further translations feel free to contact me. Regards --jojaba 02:29, 25 October 2006 (EDT)

Hi, Jojaba! Yes, we're in the process of retiring and moving everything to I was able to make the changes that I needed for now. Later on, we'll probably be introducing discussion boards and will move much of the wiki content to that system, and for that we will need your assistance. Thanks for your offer to help. It's good to know you're still there! --Todd 10:13, 25 October 2006 (EDT)
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