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These are current known replicable bugs. See also Foxmarks: Fixed Bugs for bugs believed to be fixed. When you add a bug report here, please include the version number of Foxmarks that you're running (visible in Firefox's Tools / Extensions) and sign/date your entry by adding four ~'s at the end.

  • "Open All" in does not open any folders in Internet Explorer and in Firefox.

--Bob2lent 12:31, 27 November 2006 (EST)

  • By making the changes you want on your home computer, then synchronizing the server with it. (Directed at Mondo in response to below)
  • Rolled back to FF1.5 and regained my bookmarks. Now, how do I edit/delete the bookmarks at My.Foxmark? 14:54, 26 October 2006 (EDT)Mondo

  • Same issue as "Ack" - FF2 w/ Foxmarks (0.84) results in bookmarks disappearing! Haven't tried going back to v5 yet, but the last two posts suggest that this has been fixed.

Mondo 14:19, 26 October 2006 (EDT)Mondo

  • Just confirming that with Foxmarks 0.84 and FireFox 2 bookmarks are back and syncing!
Thursday 26th October 2006
  • Ack, Foxmarks .80 has some MAJOR problems with FF2... Bookmarks are GONE and won't sync! 18:33, 24 October 2006 (EDT)
Had the same problem. Just installed FF2 final and no bookmarks. Foxmarks is present but won't sync. I uninstalled FF2 and installed FF1.5 again and by bookmarks are back.
  • Foxmarks .72, Firefox This is the second time this has happened. I started Firefox and all the bookmarks have disappeared, both from one of my local machines and from the server. Fortunately I have a backup, but this weakens my confidence in the software. Anyone else with the same problem? Richard84.92.92.238 19:04, 7 September 2006 (EDT)
  • Trying to create an account using an Email address containing a plus symbol (+) fails with the error "Please enter a valid Email address". This is a valid, and very common character used in the local portion of email addresses as well as several other characters, thus it should be allowed. See the "Limitations" secition of this article, , for all the valid characters. --Jon Firefox On Ubuntu Dapper w/ Foxmarks v.0.72
  • Line breaks in bookmark comments become underscores when I syncronize my bookmarks across the latest version of Firefox on Windows XP and Ubuntu Dapper.
  • I loose my bookmark icons after syncing

-- Weaver

  • I am using Wizz RSS News Reader [1] and every time when I read a news Foxmarks starts a synchronization, so browser became locked for 10 seconds (I changed a dom timeout) and eventually message box that script is running to long appears (btw, in most cases message box appear under FF window, so it is easy to miss it). So it is hard to use RSS reader when Foxmarks is on. Is there any way to workaround that?


Foxmarks 0.67/Wizz XP Pro SP2

Andrey, unfortunately the only work-around I can recommend right now is to disable automatic synchronization. But a 10 second lock-up sounds really bad. Can you please provide some additional specs for your machine, e.g., how much RAM, processor speed, etc. Also, if you could provide your username (via email if you prefer) that would be helpful, too. --Todd 21:06, 14 May 2006 (EDT)
  • I also see the lock ups (5sec), too. (AMD 4200 X2 machine, WinXP home SP2) so maybe there
 should be an option to say autosync on startup/on close or an option to sync every x 
 minutes.. (Foxmark 0.72)


I get parked occasionally on two computers using v0.80 on v1.5.0.7. One's an AMD Sempron 3000 and the other's an Intel P4 2.4GHz, both running WinXP Pro SP2 with at least 1 GB RAM. Both also have Norton AntiVirus, FreeRAM XP Pro, and Google Desktop.—Nayhem 21:38, 27 September 2006 (EDT)

JohnD - I am experiencing a similar problem when trying to 'view items / feeds' in wizz despite updates to v.72 and 2.1.3 - namely foxmarks sync runs. Not a major problem but annoying. thanks John -- 05:06, 26 May 2006 (EDT) Foxmarks 0.72/Wizz XP Pro SP2

  • If I restore bookmarks by copying bookmarks.html, subsequent synchronizations go badly.
If you need to restore your bookmarks for some reason, it's important that you do an upload (from the "Other" tab in the Foxmarks dialog) immediately afterwards. Otherwise, the results will be unpredictable. But probably not what you wanted. --Todd 17:20, 4 April 2006 (EDT)
  • Changes to Live Bookmarks URLs not propagated (?)

Using Foxmarks 0.56, I had to change URLs for two feeds recently, e.g. from "http ://" to "http ://". This change was not reflected on my other computers (as far as I can see). As I can't check Live Bookmarks URLs on My Foxmarks to see if they were uploaded, you'd have to have a look. --Thomas 04:37, 13 March 2006 (EST)

This is a known limitation of the sync algorithm. Your best bet is to create a new Livemark with the correct url and delete the old one. --Todd 03:04, 14 March 2006 (EST)
  • If the clocks on your PC's are not relatively closely in sync, it's possible to lose data. This isn't a problem for most Windows users, as Windows has a built-in NTP client that automatically keeps your clocks in sync. If you're on Mac OSX, follow instructions such as these to ensure that your clock is kept in sync. For Linux users: save yourself some heartache and install an NTP client. --Todd 17:22, 11 January 2006 (EST)
  • If you change server settings in the Foxmarks Dialog, the "Last Sync:" date doesn't update until you sync, or save settings and re-open the dialog box.
  • Mac only: when the Foxmarks dialog is open, it's not possible to open other windows (e.g., the Bookmark Manager, Extension Manager, etc.)
Actually, on closer examination, it appears that the Bookmark Manager opens, but opens behind all other windows. I've filed a bug ( on this.
  • Mac only: when you open the Extensions Manager, the "Foxmarks..." menu item disappears from the Bookmarks menu.
  • Separators don't paint properly in the folder sequence conflict window.
Temporarily, these are being displayed as a sequences of dashes ("------") until we can figure out how Mozilla paints these. It's an ongoing mystery.
  • Foxmarks doesn't merge items in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder if the Bookmarks Toolbar is named differently on my computers.
This can be a problem for users who are merging across platforms and also for users who are merging across different locales.
  • Foxmarks keyboard shortcut for syncronizing can conflict with other extension shortcuts (most notably: disable CSS on the web developer toolbar.) What's more, the shortcut can't be changed anywhere (that I can find.) This is liable to make me stop using the service until I can change that...
Check out this page for some suggested work-arounds. --Todd 17:06, 20 September 2006 (EDT)

Other Suspects

These are odd or unexpected behaviors that have been seen but not clearly identified. If you see one of these, please make sure to let us know.

  • Foxmarks 0.72,, Windows XP Home SP2. I get a 'Precondition failed' message if I try to sync+merge bookmarks into a new firefox installation. It works if I don't use the merge mode when syncing for the first time. This is what happened: 1. I have Apache with WebDAV containing existing foxmarks bookmarks file 2. I installed foxmarks to a new firefox and configured it with my servers connection data (of course I had to cancel the wizard first) 3. I pressed Synchronize now and got the 'Precondition failed' message 4. For some strange reason foxmarks had already gotten the bookmarks from the server but kept giving me the 'Precondition failed' message if I tried to Sync again (it still suggested the merge and I selected it) 5. I did a sync without merge (the server as the master) and didn't get the error anymore 6. The firefox now has all the bookmarks that the servers bookmark file but is missing the old bookmarks I used to have in this browser. 09:11, 21 September 2006 (EDT)
Please see Foxmarks: Error: Precondition Failed for more information about handling this. --Todd 10:24, 21 September 2006 (EDT)
  • Using Foxmarks V 0.72 with WebDAV on own server: Foxmarks overwrites stored passwords (htaccess) in Firefox. To reproduce:

Login into .htaccess-secured page on server with user A. After login, sync bookmarks with foxmarks also on server with user B. Firefox then forgot user A and tries to login on the htaccess-webpage with user B. Any idea ? 08:48, 14 June 2006 (EDT)Martin

Firefox only allows one current basic authentication username/password per domain. My suggestion to work-around this limitation would be to create an alias for your server (e.g., and have Foxmarks sync using that alias. That way the username/password won't conflict. --Todd 11:54, 14 June 2006 (EDT)
  • Favicons disappear after (first) sync - reported by cheski (
Yes, I had the same, though this may not be a bug. Firefox sometimes does not show the Favicon after you add a link to bookmarks but it will show it after a click on that bookmark. Yet, I feel like something could be done about this. --some_anon-- 08:17, 10 February 2006 (EST)

Foxmarks 0.67: After synchronisation favicons disappear. Some return when you click on the link but others e.g. Amazon & eBay don't. No idea why this should be.

Using 0.71 right now but I'm still losing favicons after sync. I would be very cool to sync these as well so when another computer gets new bookmarks it goes ahead and gets the favicons as well.

Using 0.72 on two XP machines right now, I'm losing favicons too. Up to now, not one returned after going to the appropriate homepage... Sad, it helped orienting much faster...

0.80 I've lost favicons too on all my sync'd computers. Shame, it's the only negative against this great piece of work. It would be great if there was a 'refresh favicons' option.

.084 2 XP machines, lost some favicons, but not others (kept Blogger & Google only) 10/26/2006

Foxmarks 0.84 on Firefox 2.0 - Windows XP Pro, SP2: I just installed Foxmarks on my newly updated Firefox browser and it seemed to work fine. The syncing works fine and I'm very happy with it. However, when I tried to go and reorganize my bookmarks after doing a merge between 2 machines, I found the Bookmark editor is behaving very oddly. Moving a bookmark makes a duplicate of it and leaves it in the old location as well as the new one. I'm unable to delete these extra bookmarks and some others that have not been edited yet. I tried doing it in a new browser window with the same result and restarting the browser also did not help. Running the browser in "safe mode" enables the bookmark editor to work correctly again. 13:02, 30 November 2006 (EST)

It's not really plausible that Foxmarks is the cause of this problem. Are you using any other extensions? --Todd 16:05, 30 November 2006 (EST)
I don't have any other extensions. This is a brand new copy of Firefox with a new copy of the extension. However, the problem has gone away. After starting the browser in "safe mode" and editing my bookmarks, I can now do it in the browser's normal mode with no odd behavior. At this point, I can't reproduce the problem so this might be difficult to track down. -- Don 11:47, 4 December 2006 (EST)
Okay, thanks for letting us know. Drop us a line if you see the problem recur. --Todd 12:30, 4 December 2006 (EST)
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